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The company, a world leader in DIY, unveils its tool batteries with 18V ONE technology and IntelliCell system, a safe bet to optimize each task, guaranteeing power, efficiency and durability

Lithium and IntelliCell: cutting-edge technology and electronicsMadrid, May 20, 2024.- To carry out successful DIY, gardening, automotive and cleaning projects, it is essential to have the best tools, ones that fit the needs of each job. This includes that their batteries meet the highest quality standards. And, as the multinational itself states, “not all batteries are the same.” In this sense, RYOBI stands out as a pioneer company in developing a range of batteries for cordless tools, designed to achieve exceptional performance, autonomy and versatility. 18V ONE is the system that, thanks to the combination of voltage (power) and hours of amperage (autonomy), lays the foundations for cutting-edge battery technology that it applies to its entire catalog of battery-powered tools. The quality of the cells and their low level of impedance are the features that make them the perfect allies for any task. RYOBI tool batteries have Lithium technology, that is, low internal resistance that benefits the flow of energy easily from the battery itself to the tool when needed. This guarantees high levels of power and productivity, ideal for completing demanding jobs and applications. All batteries house IntelliCell technology, unique on the market with the ability to efficiently manage its own energy and promote superior autonomy and unmatched performance. . That is why they consider it “the battery that thinks for itself”, since depending on the tool it is in, it can optimize its functions, recognizing the needs of each application, such as temperature and energy. Furthermore, with IntelliCell Each and every cell is monitored individually throughout each charge and discharge of the battery. These Lithium batteries feature an integrated heat sink that keeps the cells cool, a robust casing and a rubber finish that absorbs impacts. In short, the right elements for a long useful life over time. A battery for more than two hundred tools The ONE system stands out for its advanced technology and electronics in batteries for cordless tools. High-power lithium cells, IntelliCell monitoring and consistent physical construction deliver long-lasting battery life and greater power in even the most complex tasks. This range of batteries is characterized by its versatility and freedom of handling. In other words, it covers more than two hundred tools to carry out projects in various disciplines, from garden conditioning to car polishing, to assembling structures at home. This translates into the possibility of using a single battery for all these tools, being compatible for more than 25 years and thus contributing to significant savings in costs, time and effort. For all the above, RYOBI stands as a true reference. in the sector, being considered by many the best brand of battery-powered tools.

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