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Skiller Academy celebrates the second edition of CDP Explorer together with the CDP Institute

Madrid, May 16, 2024.- Skiller Academy, in collaboration with the CDP Institute, has held the second edition of CDP Explorer, an innovative boutique forum that has brought together technology companies, startups, entrepreneurs, students and professionals in the sector. The event focused on exploring the latest trends and success stories in customer data management platforms (CDP). During the day, presentations and demonstrations of the latest technological tools in CDP were presented, creating a space for analysis and debate on current trends from renowned experts. Among the participating companies were Zeta Global, Utiq, Jakala, Salesforce, Barceló Hotel Group, Palladium Hotel Group, Omega CRM, Prisa, Telefónica, Orange and Viajes El Corte Inglés. In addition, the event offered a valuable networking opportunity for all attendees. David Robb, founder and CEO of the CDP Institute, participated in the meeting. During his speech, Robb said “I am happy to participate in this event and I want to thank the Skiller Academy and the CDP Iberia Chapter Institute for organizing such an exciting agenda and OmegaCRM for being the pioneers in launching the chapter in Iberia. I am sure that they will have a very valuable day. This event takes place at an important time for the CDP industry in Spain. It has been more than 10 years since the concept of the CDP was first defined. The core value of CDP is the same: uniting all company data to create a unified customer profile that is shared throughout the organization. This Skiller Academy initiative aims to promote new talent and foster the ecosystem of data management. The event created a pleasant and complementary environment to analyze the technological trends available in the market, not only from their applicability, but also discussing the most successful use cases with experts in the field. For his part, Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, partner of Skiller Academy, highlighted that “it is a privilege to bring the most advanced technological knowledge in data to the Digital Marketing sector. In addition, being part of and having the support of an international organization such as CDP Institute Iberia highlights the relevance of this space dedicated to disclosure.”The second edition of CDP Explorer was a success thanks to the active participation of leading CDP companies that acted as sponsors, including Zeta Global, Utiq, Jakala, Salesforce, Omega CRM, Customer Data Platform Institute Iberia, You Win Media and the La PublicidAD Newspaper, with which Skiller Academy maintains a strategic alliance. The meeting demonstrated the importance of CDPs in customer data management and its positive impact on business success. Following the success of the event, with full capacity, Skiller Academy will broadcast a special Tech Talk program on Negocios TV with the sponsors of the meeting and experts from the sector.—About Skiller AcademySkiller Academy is a company whose main focus is practical training in technology (bootcamps) and skills necessary for the development of activities in these areas, especially in programmatic, data, attribution, analytics, web3, blockchain, artificial intelligence and related capabilities. They believe that there is a lot of untapped talent and its objective, apart from to train, is to select students based on the impact on their life. Provide the ultimate boost to their skills (Skills) and connect them with their job opportunity. For more information: www.skiller.education

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