Seven Indra executives have sold a total of 715,546 company shares for a total amount of almost 14 million euros, according to the records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) updated this Friday and consulted by Europe. Press.

On the one hand, the general director of Minsait – Indra’s technological subsidiary -, Luis Abril, has sold a total of 295,029 shares of the company for a total amount of 5.73 million euros.

The second manager who has obtained the most money has been the deputy director of Indra’s Defense and Security area, Borja Ochoa, who has disposed of a share package made up of 157,500 shares at an average price of 19.31 euros, so The amount of this operation amounts to 3.04 million euros.

He is followed by the head of Indra’s Management Control, Antonio Mora, who has disposed of 139,310 shares in exchange for 2.72 million euros.

Meanwhile, Indra’s general director of Mobility and Technology, Raúl Ripio, has pocketed 1.28 million euros after getting rid of 65,000 company securities at an average price of 19.73 euros.

Furthermore, Indra’s Strategy Director, Manuel Ausaverri, has sold 20,000 shares of the company at an average price of 20.06 euros, bringing this operation to 401,200 euros.

Likewise, Indra’s Human Resources Director, Sofía Collado, has notified the CNMV of the sale of 20,000 shares of the company at an average price of 19.3 euros, so with this transaction she has obtained 386,000 euros.

Finally, the director of Internal Audit and Global Risks at Indra, Reyes Fuentes Ortea, has disposed of 18,707 shares of the Spanish technology and defense company for a total of 370,060 euros.

The total amount of these operations amounts to almost 14 million euros and the number of shares sold together is 715,546.

Indra’s price at the close of the session this Friday stood at 19.86 euros (0.46% intraday), values ​​that had not been seen in the company since 2007.

In this sense, Indra’s shares have experienced a significant revaluation since the presentation of its new strategic plan on March 5 and also after the presentation of the results corresponding to the first quarter of the year this same week.

In fact, the company’s shares are around their historical maximum price, which occurred in November 2007, when they reached 20.73 euros.