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The book ‘Feng Shui: An Emerging Profession’, written by renowned feng shui expert Gloria Ramos, achieved Best Seller status on Amazon with more than 1,200 books sold in just one week. This achievement reflects the growing interest and acceptance of feng shui as a vital and scientific tool in the design and improvement of spaces, both personal and professional.

Spain, May 14, 2024.- Gloria Ramos, known for her career of more than fifteen years in the field of feng shui, has composed this masterpiece that not only delves into the techniques and strategies of feng shui, but also guides on how to transform this ancient practice into a lucrative and fulfilling career. With the subtitle “Turn every project into a source of income”, the book is presented as an indispensable resource for those seeking to integrate feng shui into their professional life. In ‘Feng Shui: An Emerging Profession’, Ramos shares his deep knowledge and personal experience, highlighting the applicability of feng shui in many and varied professions such as architecture, engineering, interior decoration, real estate management and even in those dedicated to well-being and personal growth. This approach has resonated with a wide spectrum of feng shui professionals and enthusiasts, leading to its rapid rise on Amazon’s sales charts. The book addresses the increasing relevance of feng shui in modern society, where stress and anxiety are common due to the lack of harmony and balance of living environments. Ramos argues that a correct flow of energy can not only improve the quality of life, but also enhance professional and personal success. “We are excited to see the tremendous reception the book has had. Its ability to demystify and apply the principles of feng shui in a practical and accessible way has filled a crucial gap on the topic,” said Alex Mediano, head of Lioc Editorial. The author also addresses common challenges faced by feng shui practitioners, offering practical solutions that are based on science and not in mysticism. Her approach has helped change the public perception of feng shui, positioning it as a respectable and effective discipline. This book is a profound source of inspiration for those seeking to overcome adversity and pursue their passions with determination and wisdom. Through her pages, Ramos encourages her readers to see every obstacle as a learning opportunity and every space as a canvas for creativity and improvement. With ‘Feng Shui: An Emerging Profession’, Gloria Ramos not only shares her knowledge and experience, but also empowers, inviting everyone to rediscover their environment and reinvent their professional future with feng shui. The Best Seller ranking is a testament to the impact and relevance of her message. More details about the book can be found at https://www.amazon.es/dp/B0CZP9CQDD

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