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Green Energy Park (GEP) is carrying out one of the largest climate impact projects in the world. Eletrobras is the main electricity and transmission company in Latin America, and one of the largest clean energy companies in the world

Rotterdam, May 14, 2024.- Both companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of achieving technological and cost leadership in the production of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives in Brazil. Brazil offers some of the best natural conditions of the world for the production of renewable hydrogen. The collaboration between GEP and Eletrobras combines hydroelectric electrical resources of more than 10 gigawatts, available for the production of renewable hydrogen at Eletrobras, with a unique platform for the production of hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives, designed and implemented by Green Energy Park.To achieve the cost leadership in renewable hydrogen, baseload hydropower will enable the deployment of next-generation electrolyser technologies, deployed across standardized production infrastructure, including purpose-built export terminal facilities. The integrated hydrogen production platform features some of the most advanced process engineering designs in the liquefied natural gas and ammonia sector. Green Energy Park has deep engineering and EPC expertise in the field of cryogenic gas handling and storage on a global scale, which is combined with its capabilities dedicated to the execution of industrial constructions. As a vertically integrated renewable energy company, GEP will distribute green fuels to industrial and transportation buyers with the mission of helping to decarbonize the hardest sectors of the economy to abandon. Bart Biebuyck, CEO of Green Energy Park commented: “We are incredibly proud to announce this important milestone in our path towards building a solid coalition to achieve our climate goals Renewable electricity is the cornerstone of our green hydrogen production process, and we are delighted to have it secured in Eletrobras, a company that stands out as the dominant player in infrastructure. The availability of gigawatt-scale hydropower from Eletrobras is a critical component in our mission to achieve cost leadership in renewable hydrogen. Together we hope that this collaboration will have a positive impact on our efforts to build and accelerate the hydrogen economy in Brazil and around the world.” Ivan de Souza Monteiro, CEO of Eletrobras explained: “We, at Eletrobras, are working to offer solutions innovative solutions for the electricity sector, as a way to promote the energy transition process, always aiming for a more sustainable future. As leaders in the generation and transmission of electrical energy in Brazil, we must contribute not only to the improvement of our country matrix, but also of the world, so that the sources are increasingly cleaner and renewable. With this important partnership, we are aligned with the strategy of contributing to the decarbonization of the economy and energy security.”About Green Energy ParkGreen Energy Park Global is a vertically integrated renewable energy franchise, sharing technical knowledge, technologies, experience and best practices among its global partners. The focus is on leading applications of hydrogen technology with ammonia and methanol as the renewable energy carriers of choice. The company’s objective is to develop, finance, build and operate renewable energy facilities under one common brand. GEP aims to unite upstream, midstream and downstream facilities around shared values ​​and a common mission. GEP’s mission is to design and build a ‘global standard’ for the large-scale production of hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives at from renewable energy sources. To achieve cost leadership in renewable hydrogen, the company combines cutting-edge electrolyzer technologies with a standardized, custom-built production infrastructure. The purpose of Green Energy Park is to positively influence society, accelerating the energy transition and making the hydrogen economy a reality.About EletrobrasEletrobras is the largest electricity company in Latin America and one of the largest clean energy companies in the world.Eletrobras will use part of the energy produced by its more than 30 hydroelectric plants throughout Brazil for the production of renewable hydrogen, deploying a more stable energy source than wind or solar. The company is developing decarbonization projects as part of a dedicated division that will deploy more than 10 gigawatts of hydropower to supply renewable hydrogen at competitive costs.

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