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From the offices of Ayala 62 and Serrano 81, at street level, a flower will be given to passers-by. This action is part of a series of activities that the HousinGo brand plans to carry out this year in the center of Madrid

Madrid, May 13, 2024.- The festival of the patron saint of the city of Madrid, which is celebrated on Wednesday, May 15, is brought forward on HousinGo. San Isidro arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, at the real estate consultancy with 3,000 carnations, red and white, to give to those who pass in front of its offices on Calle Ayala 62 and Calle Serrano 81. For the occasion, the services of two hostesses have been hired who, dressed as “chulapas”, they will deliver each carnation. “We are located in areas with a lot of traffic and we thought it was a good occasion to celebrate the holiday with something as typical as red and white carnations,” in the words of David de Gea, CEO and founder of HousinGo.All The carnations are being cut today, Monday, so that they arrive in Madrid fresh and prepared for delivery. A van loaded with the bouquets will leave with all the flowers at 4 in the morning from the south of Alicante, to deliver them at 9 in the morning to the HousinGo offices and give way to all the necessary operations so that both men as women and even the little ones in the house, can take their carnation and celebrate San Isidro. For David de Gea “this is one more way to collaborate with Madrid traditions, so that those who come from outside can understand, a little better, the culture and life of those who were born and raised in the capital of Spain. HousinGo clients not only come to Madrid to live, work or invest. They also come to enjoy the city and everything it offers, both. in gastronomy as well as in culture and leisure”.

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