Madrid, September 18

Sports marketing expert Jose Eshkenazi tells us about the impact of professional football as an example and as a tool to empower girls. Professional soccer players are role models for other girls and women

Sport is a fundamental activity for the comprehensive development of people, both boys and girls. In the case of girls, practicing sports has a positive impact on their physical, mental, personal and social health. In this regard, we interviewed Jose Eshkenazi Smeke, an expert in sports marketing who recently managed to break the record for the highest attendance at a professional women’s soccer exhibition match at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City with the 2023 Campeones Tour with the participation of Women’s team of FC Barcelona and América de México.”The benefits of sports in girls are varied and effective, for example a study from Harvard University found that girls who practice sports are more likely to have high self-esteem and feel confident in themselves. That is, girls who play sports are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Another example is a study from the University of Oxford that found that girls who play soccer have a lower risk of being bullied at school “, highlighted the sports marketing expert. “It seems to me that football teams should be more aware of these effects and integrate them into their marketing to attract more audiences and more advertisers,” emphasized Jose Eshkenazi Smeke. The benefits of sport in girls are numerous and varied. On a physical level, sport helps improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. It also helps prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. On a mental level, sport helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps improve self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, sport is an excellent tool for developing social and communication skills. “In recent years, women’s football has experienced great growth, both in terms of participation and visibility. This growth has had a positive impact on lives of many girls and women. Professional women’s soccer leagues have given them the opportunity to develop more fully,” commented the businessman. Soccer is also a social activity that helps girls develop their communication and conflict resolution skills. . By playing soccer, girls learn to work together to achieve a common goal.”It is important to note that to promote sports practice in girls, it is necessary to focus on offering opportunities for participation in different sports, promoting gender equality in the sport and eliminate gender stereotypes related to sport” highlighted Jose Eshkenazi Smeke. In summary, football is a sport that requires a wide variety of physical and mental skills. Girls who play soccer develop their strength, speed, endurance, coordination and agility. They also develop their decision-making, teamwork and leadership skills.

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