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The new store is located in the central square of Tarifa

Madrid, May 16, 2024.- Bloomest self-service laundries under the quality and leadership of Miele, continue their expansion in the Community of Madrid with the opening of a new establishment in the Tarifa square of Carabanchel, the most populated district of the city with more than 250,000 inhabitants. The brand has fourteen stores in the Community of Madrid, where it plans to reach twenty openings, which will mean €1.5M of direct investment in the area. The new self-service laundry is equipped and equipped with washing machines and dryers. the Miele brand, and the detergents and softeners used in the laundry are for professional use and formulas that guarantee an excellent quality wash. Additionally, the dryers are particularly designed to take care of your clothes, helping to prolong the life of your clothes. The main reason why Alfredo Canales and Mario Martínez have decided to open a new self-service laundry in this district is to “offer the community of Carabanchel a top quality laundry that has advantages superior to those of other existing laundries and that can meet the growing needs and demands of the population.” A mobile APP where you can check the availability of the machines is one of the numerous advantages offered by this new laundry “customers have a point that is closer to their home, greater availability of machines, different washing options at the same price, a pleasant location that is always clean and disinfected, cutting-edge technology, greater options for payment (cash, bank card or Bloomest loyalty card), a mobile APP where you can check the availability of the machines, saving waiting time, as well as the option of acquiring the Bloomest loyalty card that allows you to access lower prices and promotions continuously ” the managers assure. The brand, which has more than 115 establishments nationwide, offers a different concept of self-service laundries based on quality, service, attention to the investor and, above all, to the end customer through technology. In this sense, the store manager, through an app on his mobile, can remotely monitor the entire store without having to physically be in the laundry room and the customer can reserve his laundry remotely. Enrique Luque, Business Developer at Bloomest Iberia  concludes “offering quality laundry services at a good price and the need for them in densely populated areas are circumstances that favor the success of Bloomest establishments. Presenting the Bloomest business format to entrepreneurs in the districts of Madrid is an objective on which we are working intensively”.

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