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In Spain, nearly half a million people suffered cyber attacks in the last year; However, less than 10% of online users have thought about purchasing cyber risk insurance

Madrid, May 16, 2024.- The data warns: the number of cybercrimes increases every year. In 2023, almost half a million cyber attacks on individuals and companies occurred in Spain, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior. In 2024, everything indicates that the trend will continue upwards. Artificial Intelligence is already a key tool for cybercriminals to optimize the functionalities of their systems, which will be increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. These consequences do not go unnoticed by consumers. According to a study by CustomerLab for Allianz Partners, 41% of users perceive that there is a risk of suffering from cybercrimes and, in addition, 33% have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months. However, many of these incidents occur due to recklessness committed by users due to their lack of knowledge on the subject. For example, 60% admit to having used insecure Wi-Fi networks (especially public ones), which expose device information and user data. Therefore, both companies and public organizations have the responsibility of carrying out a security effort. awareness to protect the consumer from these attacks. In fact, only 9% of users have taken out online reputation protection insurance, although 40% fear having a problem of this type. The same goes for identity protection: 47% are concerned, but only 9% have insurance. The most common cyberattacks are phishing or hacking bank passwords to transfer money to another account, and copying credit or carding cards, which impersonate the user’s identity. Cybercriminals seek to obtain bank card data to use in illegal operations, without leaving any trace. Cyberattacks on companies are also common, which consist of the kidnapping of corporate information in exchange for a financial ransom. Allianz Partners, a leading Insurance and Assistance company, offers a support service to its clients to guarantee that their data is correctly protected. The company’s experts work to advise and defend those users who have been victims of cybercrime and accompany them in the legal process. Alessandro Belotti, head of IT Assistance at Allianz Partners Spain explains how “cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new techniques with which to attack users. They take advantage of general ignorance, and in this way, they violate our defenses. It is possible to prevent these attacks with good information and acquiring good guidance and good insurance.

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