The National Institute of Statistics, as well as the vacation rental company Playa Vacaciones, affirm that Peñíscola is one of the most popular destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Spain

Peñíscola, October 27, 2023.- The INE affirms that 15.7% of Spaniards celebrate New Year’s Eve outside the home. According to a study by the INE in 2022, 15.7% of people celebrate the New Year outside the home, a percentage increasing in recent years due to mobility and the offer of festive events. Furthermore, Peñíscola, in the province of Castellón, stands out as one of the most popular destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve, attracting thousands of visitors during the festivities, becoming a favorite place for those looking for a different and festive start to the year. ¿ What attracts Spaniards to Peñíscola on New Year’s Eve? Without a doubt, the good climate and mild temperatures that characterize Peñíscola is one of the most important attractions for being chosen as a holiday town, especially for New Year’s Eve. The city offers the possibility of enjoying the beaches, the Papa Luna castle and the promenade. Peñíscola on New Years also offers the possibility of celebrating the arrival of the new year with a festive and happy atmosphere, since the city has with a wide range of activities and events to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This is how New Year’s Eve was experienced in Peñíscola in 2022. The city was filled with people who were looking forward to celebrating the arrival of the new year normally after the end of the health restrictions imposed by the pandemic of COVID-19. Among the most notable events were an electronic music concert on the beach of Peñíscola, a popular festival in the Plaza de Santa María and a fireworks show from the castle of Peñíscola. In addition to these events, the city also offered a wide range of activities and proposals to celebrate New Year’s Eve, such as street parties, gala dinners and New Year’s Eve dinners in the city’s restaurants. A novelty of this last New Year’s celebration in 2022 was the celebration of a New Year’s Eve costume contest. The vacation rental company Playa Vacaciones confirms the increase in reservations. Playa Vacaciones, which operates in Peñíscola, affirms that the number of reservations in their accommodation increases considerably throughout the Christmas period, this being a high season comparable to summer or Easter. Tourists and travelers who wish to enjoy New Year’s Eve and the beginning of the year in Peñíscola can go to the Playa Vacaciones website to reserve accommodation in Peñíscola available for Christmas and New Year. Issuer: Playa de Vacaciones

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