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Vermouth, chotis, trivia and excursions are other activities organized by nursing homes to integrate families into the day-to-day life of these centers.

Madrid, May 14, 2024.- Gathering 1,200 diners is the objective set by the residence of the emeis group ORPEA Las Rozas (Madrid). This is, perhaps, the most spectacular of the many initiatives that these senior centers carry out on the occasion of Family Day, so that residents and family members can enjoy a day together. This year, the usual excitement of meeting with loved ones in different recreational and therapeutic activities is joined by breaking the record set last year by the emeis residence in El Campello, Alicante, which brought together 200 people. It is not in vain that people talk record, since the activity is organized jointly with Galbis, a group expert in making giant paellas with two Guinness Records behind them for this very typical dish. Now, together with five chefs from the emeis residences, they want to bring this record-sized delicacy to the elderly and their families. And, as the person responsible for the restoration of these residences in Spain, Francisco Pérez, points out, food “is a fundamental part of health and is one of the pleasures to preserve in advanced ages, satisfying not only the nutritional needs of the elderly. , but also their palate.” The restaurateur explains that, in the emeis residences, which have their own kitchen, on days like this “they opt for an innovative point, such as the giant paella, that allows the elderly to continue sharing moments with their families and friends, because food is also a social act. The giant paella, with rabbit and vegetables, will be accompanied by sangria and frozen chocolate dessert. In addition, several portions will be delivered to local charities. Vermouth, chotis, Trivial and excursions on Family Day Gastronomy will also be the highlight of this designated day, of an international nature, with which the UN highlights the importance of the family unit, while reflecting on how social, economic and demographic processes influence it. Thus, in the emeis centers of ORPEA La Moraleja and ORPEA Castellón, sangria will be changed to vermouth as an aperitif. A family aperitif will also be organized at ORPEA Ciutat Diagonal in Barcelona. The same as in the San Fernando de Henares residence, where the gastronomic day will be accompanied by music, or in the emeis residence in León, where tambourines will be the protagonists. On San Isidro Day, the chotis, a traditional dance from Madrid, could not be missing, which will test the dancing skills of ORPEA Meco residents. In ORPEA Córdoba Sierra, on the other hand, residents will leave the center accompanied by a family member to make a historical visit to the historic center of the city. The children, nephews, and siblings of the elders will be able to play Trivial at ORPEA Loreto in Madrid, those from Zaragoza will be able to immortalize a day in a fun photocall and those from ORPEA Logroño Acacias and A Coruña will organize a gymkhana for elders and relatives. The presence of family and other visits in emeis this day focuses on special events, but, as this group points out, it is a common aspect in which it is based on the well-being of the elderly and is not subject to any restrictions. Relatives and friends can come to see them whenever they want, as there is no fixed schedule. The same thing happens, they emphasize, with the activities: they are held all year round and there are many times when family members are present.Alzheimer’s Coffee for family members to talk about this disease. Nursing homes are increasingly betting more on initiatives that integrate families into the day-to-day life of the centers and their elders. Another highly valued example that takes place all year round is the Alzheimer’s Café, a meeting between relatives of people with Alzheimer’s and specialists from the center, where communication and awareness of different aspects of this pathology are encouraged. Professionals inform and resolve the most frequent doubts about the development of the disease and the needs of the elderly and caregivers. The dynamic is like that of a traditional support group. Family members greatly appreciate having “a space in which to share concerns, concerns, experiences and experiences, while having a coffee,” explains psychologist María Montaña Verdugo, from the residence. Marbella ORPEA Puente Romano, one of the centers that implement these meetings. In these sessions, family members talk with people who have gone through similar situations with their elders. What they value most is “feeling heard or even sharing fun moments to release tension,” explains this professional, who remembers that “seeing a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is hard, and for a family member to feel accompanied, to see that you are not alone, it is important.

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