Sumar, the coalition of parties led by Yolanda Díaz, has demanded this Saturday the resignation of the general director of Justice of Aragon, Esmeralda Pastor, for making “apology for Francoism” after a photograph of her with the Francoist flag appeared on her social networks .

Through a publication on the social network X (formerly Twitter), the political formation has indicated that Vox “wants to take us to Spain in black and white” and, at the same time, has pointed out that “there are democratic limits that should not be exceeded “.

“It is intolerable that PP and Vox have appointed a person who advocates Francoism as Director General of Justice of Aragon. We demand his immediate dismissal,” Sumar’s petition added.

Pastor was proposed by Vox and appointed last Thursday, along with 26 other senior officials, as part of the government coalition agreement in Aragon between the far-right party and the Popular Party.

The PSOE has also demanded this day the dismissal of Pastor Jorge Azcón (PP), president of the community, for “not meeting constitutional values” and “flaunting Francoism.”