The Association of Prosecutors (AF), the majority in the prosecutor’s career, has called for the resignation of the State Attorney General, Álvaro García Ortiz, for “his passivity in defending the rule of law, the effective separation of powers and the independence of the Prosecutor’s Office” in relation to the amnesty.

This was stated by the AF in a statement after its XXVI Congress, in which they expressed their “resounding rejection of the amnesty and the concept of ‘lawfare’ (judicial war)” contained in the pact between PSOE and Junts.

“The approval of the amnesty would mean the bankruptcy of the Rule of Law and the breach of Spain’s duties and obligations before the European Union,” the prosecutors have warned, who have underlined their “commitment to the Rule of Law and the Constitution” and They have recognized “all the public servants who defend her.”

Furthermore, in the conclusions approved in Congress, the AF has expressed its “absolute support for the judicial actions carried out and the total rejection of the ‘lawfare’ concept and the commissions that are announced that would break the separation of powers and the rule of law.” .

Likewise, in the document they have included “historical demands” for the improvement of the Fiscal Career such as the strengthening of the Fiscal Council, the expansion of second category positions, budgetary autonomy, study of workloads, improvement of remunerations and labor rights “with special significance to the improvement of remuneration of the guard service.”

On the other hand, the Congress of the FA has approved the new executive led again by the dean prosecutor in the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona Cristina Dexeus.

“As the new president of the Association of Prosecutors, I maintain my commitment to defending the Rule of Law, the Constitution and the Prosecutor’s Career,” she said, warning that “convulsive times await” which, she assured, will be faced “with the energy and rigor that characterizes us”.

In the last part of the closing of the Congress, the Carmen Tagle-Luis Portero Awards were presented in commemoration of the prosecutors murdered by ETA. In this edition, Concepción Talón, who was the Chief Prosecutor of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona, ​​was awarded “for her defense of the rule of law in adverse conditions during difficult moments of the process.”

José Manuel Maza Martín, who was Attorney General of the State, has also been recognized “for his decisive intervention in the beginning of the process of the process”, and, finally, the Statue of Justice has been delivered to Judge Pablo Llarena ” for his performance in the investigation of the process of the process”.