The Vox Parliamentary Group has urged through a Non-Law Proposition (PNL) that the Congress of Deputies condemn the Government of Pedro Sánchez for “justifying” the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7 and, furthermore, in Spain “the necessary police and military measures” to prevent possible terrorist attacks are activated.

In the text of the PNL before the Joint National Security Commission, consulted by Europa Press, the party led by Santiago Abascal demands that the Lower House condemn the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas “as well as the statements made by different members of the acting Government justifying said criminal actions”.

Specifically, they cite the case of the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, for saying on a social network that it is necessary to “end the occupation and for the Palestinian people to be able to live with dignity”, as well as the deputy Íñigo Errejón for doing a call to Israel, “as the main responsible party”, to “comply with United Nations resolutions”. “These types of statements come to alleviate the unconditional rejection that Hamas’ terrorist acts deserve,” says Vox.

In this context, Vox wants to deploy “special security units” to guarantee the protection of buildings, vital infrastructure and other centers that “have a high probability of being the target of Islamist terrorist attacks.”

After the Hamas attack and the escalation of war with Israel, the Ministry of the Interior reinforced Level 4 of anti-terrorist alert – out of a maximum of 5 – with complementary security measures for embassies and other buildings, including places of worship.

Vox, for its part, requires the Executive to “adopt the necessary police and military measures in order to prevent any attack by jihadist terrorism” and, as it says, “continue making” all the necessary efforts to guarantee the security of Spaniards in the region. area of ​​the attacks, facilitating the “immediate repatriation of those who request it.”

Furthermore, Santiago Abascal’s party advocates remembering the importance of citizen collaboration in the face of possible situations of radicalization, using the communication channels useful for the arrest of terrorists and for the prevention of attacks.