The UK Intelligence services have acknowledged that the wave of attacks suffered by Ukraine on Thursday was “one of the largest since December 2022”, but it has also affected that almost a month had passed since the previous massive bombings, a temporary distance which, to London, makes the point that Russian forces need to stock up on more missiles.

Thursday’s was the first wave of attacks since February 16 and involved the launch of about 80 missiles, mostly targeting critical infrastructure. The Ukrainian authorities have denounced the death of more than ten people.

“The interval between waves is probably growing because Russia needs to stock a critical mass of newly manufactured missiles, direct from the industry,” British Military Intelligence has argued. It depends on whether it can accumulate enough projectiles to be able to overcome the anti-aircraft defense systems available to Ukraine.

Western intelligence services had already pointed to Russia’s alleged problems in accumulating material on other occasions, and the Wagner Group, an alliance of mercenaries affiliated with the Kremlin and directly participating in the offensive, has publicly complained that its troops are not receiving All the ammunition you need.