A Spanish tourist guide died this Monday in an attack against a Chilean television team Teletrece, as reported by the Chilean network itself in a statement.

“We regret to inform you that today, the ‘Socios por el mundo’ team was the victim of a complex incident while they were recording in Ethiopia, Africa,” Teletrece said. The guide “was the victim of an attack that unfortunately ended his life,” according to the channel.

Two armed individuals crossed in front of the truck in which the team was traveling and when they avoided them, they shot them. “The hosts and all members of the team of the program, made by the production company MkZeta, are in good health,” added Chilean television.

The channel has already communicated what happened to the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is carrying out “all the necessary steps so that (the television team) can leave the country as soon as possible.”

The team explained to Teletrece that they were not attacked by the tribe they were visiting, but that the attack occurred when they were leaving the area, once the day was over.