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After more than 20 years in the domain and web hosting sector, cdmon  evolves its positioning and value proposition with the aim of providing maximum value to its clients. The objective is to create a brand that responds to the current needs of customers and society. The new positioning is being implemented both in communication and in products and experience

Malgrat de Mar, May 17, 2024.- Although the cdmon brand is one of the major national players in its field, the company detected the need to build and evolve the DNA of its brand in order to offer a more relevant and consistent experience in all products and platforms. To do this, they delved into the historical trajectory of the company, which since its inception has been aimed at making the Internet once again an open and quality space. In this sense, and taking into account a market often saturated with unclear offers and hidden conditions, cdmon takes a firm stance against questionable commercial practices, such as the fragmentation of services and customer chaining. From this point derives the brand’s new positioning, focused on users being able to regain control of their digital presence and operations to guarantee their sovereignty at all times. One of the first ways in which the company is making its positioning a reality is by building an ecosystem of interconnected, but not dependent, services to demonstrate that it is possible to offer quality services without compromising ethical principles. This also involves carrying out a commits to ‘commercial honesty’, through transparency and eliminating fine print; ‘proactive responsibility’, “through checking ourselves first that everything works; and ‘constant evolution’, through constant support and plans adapted to its clients.” Thus, in a world in which both individuals and businesses increasingly need digital environments, cdmon advocates that each client has full control of their data, without barriers to its management. Jaume Palau, CEO of cdmon, reflected on the brand renewal process highlighting: “We have conducted a thorough analysis of our history and emerging market needs, leading us to adopt a renewed approach to our brand. This change underscores our unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability, fundamental in our management, but now more crucial than ever. The evolution of our brand is a response to the need to adapt to a rapidly changing digital environment, ensuring that our clients retain full control over their digital operations without restrictions. Marc Palau, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, added: “This renewal process goes beyond a simple visual update. It is a declaration of our principles. We set a new standard in the industry, where honesty and proactive responsibility become not only commitments, but concrete and continuous actions. We want to reaffirm to our clients and the market that cdmon is synonymous with trust and quality, ensuring that we will always exceed the expectations of our users.” About cdmon cdmon is one of the main domain and web hosting providers at the state level, with more than 20 years of experience. It is a certified domain name registrar, has ISO quality and security certifications, and has been classified as an innovative company by the Spanish Government.

Contact Contact name: David Blanch Valdivia Contact description: cdmon Digital director Contact phone: 657390368