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LESTEDO, Spain, March 15, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Tradition adapted to modernity. The Festa da Filloa de Lestedo (A Coruña) has celebrated its 40th anniversary and it does so by highlighting the versatility of this product. What was originally a humble dish has now become the basis for dishes worthy of a Michelin Star.

“The recipe for the amoado (with eggs, flour, water and salt) has not changed, but what has changed are the fillings,” says Carmen Mella.” This is what Carmen Mella, a neighbor of this parish of Boqueixón, indicates. that has participated in gastronomic exaltation since its inception.

“Before, the filloa accompanied a good stew and was combined with chorizo ​​or salty pork.” For the sweet version, “cream, honey, or sugar used to be used.” Some customs that are still maintained today, but that, with the evolution of the gastronomy itself, have given way to other interpretations.

Among them, those of chef Manuel Costiña, from the Michelin-starred restaurant O Retiro da Costiña, who surprised at the 40th edition of the Festa da Filloa de Lestedo with 3 very special fillings. The first proposal was a reinterpretation with Galician stew. “With the smoked cacheiras (pork’s heads) we will create a roll that we will cut as if it were a sausage and put it on top of the filloa as if it were a carpaccio. We add a few pearls of olive oil, paprika flakes and pickle”, details the Chef.

The second recipe was a sea-flavoured filling, with pickled mussels as the protagonist. To do this, “we use a seaweed pesto to put a few dots on top of the filloa. Then, a pickled mussel, and, apart, a lobster pâté. Then small shoots and seaweed are added to finish giving that saline point and those counterpoints”.

The sweet proposal was an “adaptation of the restaurant’s Terra dessert: chocolate ganache with orange and tonka bean, some crumbs made with trumpet mushroom of the dead, and we finished with coffee liqueur ice cream and pomace cream.”

Some delicacies that delighted the palates of those attending chef Manuel Costiña’s show cooking and that ratified the versatility of the Lestedo Filloa.

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