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With a unique methodology based on the 5 connectors, Lepant Residencial and Ronda de Dalt Residencial stand out in the panorama of gerontological care in Barcelona. By fostering meaningful and ongoing interactions, especially with children, these centers are not only redefining elder care, but also building valuable bridges between generations.

Spain, May 10, 2024.- Located in privileged areas of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčLepant Residencial and Ronda de Dalt Residencial are leaders in specialized gerontological care, committed to improving the quality of life of older people. With more than 25 years of experience in the management of nursing homes, these institutions stand out for offering an environment that promotes the comprehensive well-being of their residents. The methodology of Lepant and Ronda de Dalt Residencial is based on the innovative philosophy of the 5 connectors : animals, children, nature, art and feeling of usefulness. This philosophy promotes a holistic approach to well-being, where connection with essential elements for a full and satisfying life is prioritized. One of the most notable aspects of this methodology is intergenerational connection therapy with children. “Interactions with the youngest are an inexhaustible source of joy and vitality for our residents,” explain Alba Ribas, director of Ronda de Dalt Residencial and Raquel Domingo, director of Lepant Residencial. “During special dates such as Christmas and Sant Jordi, our residents receive visits from children from local schools, who participate in activities such as sending letters and experience workshops where stories are shared.” These meetings not only enrich the daily lives of the residents. residents, but also offer children valuable lessons about empathy, respect and the importance of historical memory. Furthermore, during the pandemic, the initiative of sending drawings by grandchildren and relatives to residents provided crucial emotional support, maintaining the emotional bond and feeling of usefulness between generations. Lepant Residencial and Ronda de Dalt Residencial remain committed to its mission to provide the highest quality care, ensuring that each resident enjoys an enriching and dignified experience.

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