The president of Congress has chosen the undersecretary of the Ministry of Territorial Policy, Fernando Galindo, as the new secretary general of the Lower House, replacing Carlos Gutiérrez Vicén, who has already announced his desire to be relieved after almost ten years in office.

Only lawyers with at least five years of active service can aspire to the position of Secretary General of Congress, which entails being a senior lawyer of the Cortes Generales, and Galindo meets these requirements since he has belonged to the Corps of Lawyers for 13 years and has served as director of International Relations, of Commissions of the General Secretariat of the Congress of Deputies and acting director of the Conflict of Interest Office.

But in mid-2021 he was appointed general director of Autonomous and Local Cooperation in the Ministry of Territorial Policy and two years later Isabel Rodríguez promoted him to undersecretary of Territorial Policy in 2023.

In the Ministry he developed technical functions with the communities among them and one of his tasks was to coordinate the transfer of Costas to the Balearic Government of Francina Almengol, which now brings him back to Congress.

Graduated in Law and Economics from the Carlos III University of Madrid, Fernando Galindo belongs to the body of Lawyers of the Cortes Generales since 2010, and in Congress he has passed through the Central Electoral Board (JEC) as legal advisor of the Central Electoral Board until 2011, legal advisor to the Directorate of Technical-Parliamentary Assistance between 2011 and 2014, director of International Relations between 2014 and 2019, and director of Commissions between 2019 and 2021.

Between 2020 and 2021 he was acting director of the Conflict of Interest Office of the Cortes Generales, a newly created body to examine compliance with legislation on incompatibilities and safeguard the declarations of interests of their honorable Members.

In addition, and as a senior official of the Cortes Generales, he has been a lawyer for various commissions such as Budgets, Mixed for the European Union, Statute of the Deputy, Social and Economic Reconstruction or Audit of Democratic Quality, as well as director of the Bulletin of Constitutional Jurisprudence.

Fernando Galindo is also the author of various publications in the field of Parliamentary and Electoral Law and parliamentary diplomacy, in addition to participating as a speaker in courses and seminars on legislative procedures, parliamentary organization, transparency and prevention of conflicts of interest.

The three times that he has been appointed area director in Congress, he obtained the unanimity of the Board, with different presidents. His next appointment as secretary general will be formalized this Friday, at the next meeting of the governing body of the Lower House.