NEW YORK and LONDON, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huma Therapeutics (“Huma”), a leading global digital health company, is named today as an exemplar of innovation in medical research in an independent review led by former Health Minister, Lord James O’Shaughnessy entitled Commercial clinical trials in the UK.

The review was commissioned by the UK government to make recommendations to improve the clinical trials landscape in the UK. It proposes a range of ‘significant actions’ to bend the performance curve of trials dramatically, stating: ‘The partnership between 2 very different UK life science success stories – AstraZeneca and Huma – shows the potential of the UK in this field’. The review includes a short case study of our joint work1.

The review proposes that the government doubles the numbers of people taking part in commercial clinical trials in the next two years, and doubles it again by 2027. One of its 27 recommendations is the support and promotion of decentralised clinical trials, which are enabled by digital technology. It calls on stakeholders to develop guidance for decentralised and innovative trials by the end of 2023 to keep pace internationally.

Decentralised clinical trials

An estimated 80% of clinical trials do not meet initial patient enrollment goals and timelines2. Decentralised trials can, says the review, increase public involvement in research and new therapies. Data can be collected from the comfort of participants’ homes without disrupting their lives, reducing or eliminating the need to travel to clinical trial sites. Retention and adherence to trial protocols through an improved experience can lower the overall cost of research. Decentralised trials also hold the promise of increasing diversity so that new medicines benefit people from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Dan Vahdat, Founder

Huma’s digital technology platforms support decentralised trials through an easy to configure, end-to-end solution, without hard coding, which allows rapid setup for clinical study requirements. This features pre-built modules including eConsent, ePRO and eCOA that can be adapted to protocols enabling quick setup of therapeutic study requirements.


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Huma Therapeutics is a global digital health technology company that advances digital-first care delivery and research to help people live longer, fuller lives.

Huma’s award-winning modular platforms are used by more than 3,000 hospitals and clinics, with 1.8 million active users in healthcare and 650,000 participants across research. Huma’s regulated Software as a Medical Device is the only platform to hold EU MDR Class IIb regulatory status. It powers:

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