Credit Suisse’s chief operating officer, Francesa McDonagh, will leave the bank just months after it was bought by UBS in the Swiss state-sponsored emergency merger.

According to an internal company statement to which ‘Bloomberg’ has had access and which has been confirmed by a Credit Suisse spokesperson, McDonagh, former CEO of Bank of Ireland, has resigned to seek “new opportunities outside the bank.”

The CEO of Credit Suisse, Ulrich Koerner, has been “very grateful for his leadership”, and, at the same time, has reported that the board will remain “available” to ensure an “orderly transition”.

McDonagh’s departure is not the only one at the company, with former CFO Dixit Joshi and investment bank co-president David Miller leaving previously.

In addition, UBS announced yesterday that it would lay off hundreds of employees in Asia in charge of wealth management following the slowdown in activity in this sector and in the economy of the ‘Asian giant’.

According to sources familiar with the matter consulted by ‘Bloomberg’, this adjustment will include at least 100 jobs. Those affected will be relationship managers in Hong Kong and Singapore, most of whom would come from the former Credit Suisse teams.

However, most private banks in Australia and India will keep their jobs for the time being.