He says that ERC will be in the opposition “against those who think that Catalonia can be governed from Madrid and at the mercy of a Spanish president.”

The president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, offered this Tuesday to continue leading the party “from the place determined by militancy”, after the poor results of the Republicans in last Sunday’s elections, in which they lost 13 deputies.

“I see myself with courage and strength to continue working for our country. And to do so, as always, from the place determined by the militancy of ERC, through the highest sovereign bodies of the party that correspond,” he wrote in a letter addressed to the citizenship.

This letter from Junqueras comes after the acting president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced this Monday that he is leaving the political front line and will not pick up the record of deputy of the Parliament.

The Republican president defends that, as of this Tuesday, Esquerra stands as the “firm and demanding alternative, against those who want Catalonia to be the seventeenth autonomous community that is told what to do.”

In this way, he reiterates that ERC will be in opposition “against those who think that Catalonia can be governed from Madrid and at the mercy of the will of a Spanish president.”

Furthermore, he has admitted that citizens have given a clear message, that they have not trusted them or their proposals, something that exemplifies that “many people have distanced themselves from the republican project.”


He has also praised the figure of Aragonès and said that he is honored by his announcement that he is leaving politics: “It is a loss for the country and for ERC, but we know that he will continue working for Catalonia through our party. Because we all know that “We can be the first and the last. And because all of us want to put ourselves at the service of the country through ERC.”

He has stated that they are proud of the work carried out by Aragonès at the head of the Executive and has highlighted his “courage to negotiate with the State the end of political repression” and walk the path towards pardons and amnesty.

“We have suffered the wear and tear that comes with governing alone. It was not easy. Catalonia is doing much better today than three years ago,” he added.