He denies pressure and plans to run for re-election at the next ERC Congress on November 30

The leader of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has assured that he wants to continue leading ERC if he has “an explicit and renewed endorsement of the militancy”, and has defended that he sees himself strong enough to be president of the party and that he now wants to start a listening process .

This is how he spoke at a press conference this Thursday, after announcing on Wednesday that he would temporarily leave the presidency of the party after the European elections on June 9 to “open a process of reflection and active listening before deciding its future.”

ERC will hold a National Congress on November 30 to set a new strategy, and the party’s general secretary, Marta Rovira, has announced that she will not stand for re-election at that congress.

Junqueras has assured that he will begin a process of listening, reconnection and reconstruction of the debate after the European elections, when he will temporarily leave the presidency of ERC.

“I need to go out into the streets, talk to as many people as possible, and the best way to do it is on an equal footing, at street level, not from a position or function,” he detailed.

He has explained that he wants this process to serve to learn what citizens and Esquerra militancy want and need, and to help build a story that reaches the majority of society and to “strengthen ERC to put it at the service of Catalonia.”

“Everyone can help in different ways. I am glad that there are many, the more there are, the more useful we will be,” he said in a veiled allusion to Rovira’s decision not to run for re-election and to opt for a replacement in the leadership of the game.

Junqueras explained that on Tuesday he announced by letter his willingness to submit “to the endorsement of the militancy”, in a letter in which he stated that he sees himself strong enough to continue leading the party, and added that his wish is to know what they expect from him. him the rest of the members of his party.

The Republican leader has denied having felt internal pressure to leave his position, and plans to run for re-election in the ERC National Congress on November 30, and has specified that he has set himself on that date to have “sufficient time and avoiding the calendar electoral” of the European elections and a possible repetition of the Catalan elections and an advance of the general ones, he detailed.


He stressed that he has “always felt very accompanied”, and has stated that the most relevant leadership is that of the people of Catalonia, when asked how he values ​​the words of the acting president of the Generalitat and national coordinator of ERC, Pere Aragonès , about assuming shared responsibilities, and Rovira’s about ending messianic leadership and carrying out a profound renewal.

He added that the leadership of the ERC militancy is expressed through congresses: “Delighted that there are congresses”, and he maintained that that is why he is willing to listen to everyone and know what they expect from him.


Junqueras has explained that his party’s decisions regarding the formation of a new Government will be made by “the corresponding bodies” of the formation, among which he has mentioned the national executive, the National Council and Congress.

He has maintained that the parties that have been in the opposition are now “the ones that must agree to form a Government”, alluding to the PSC and Junts.

“If Junts and the Comuns and the others from beyond, and the PSC, have created difficulties, sometimes insurmountable, to approve the budgets that were the best in history, if they have been able to agree on all these obstacles, “How can they not agree?” he assured.

He has criticized that the Comuns refused to approve the accounts if the Government did not rule out the Hard Rock project, “and now they say that they have no problem in giving support to the PSC, which is the one that the Hard Rock has defended”, and he has accused Jéssica Albiach’s team of having preferred to oppose than help Catalonia.