Actors and filmmakers show their unanimous “support” for the alleged victims of the accused filmmaker on the red carpet


‘The Messiah’, in the Series category, and ‘Robot Dreams’, in the Movies category, were the winners tonight of the Feroz Awards, awarded by the specialized press and which took place in a gala with hardly any allusions to the accusations of sexual violence against director Carlos Vermut revealed in an investigation by ‘El País’.

‘La Mesías’, by Los Javis, has received the award for Best Drama Series and five other awards, while ‘Robot Dreams’, by Pablo Berger, has won Best Comedy Film and two other awards. ‘The Snow Society’, by J.A. Bayona has won two awards, while ‘20,000 species of bees’ has received the Feroz for Best Drama Film.

The gala, held at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid, was presented by Brays Efe and Coria Castillo. At the beginning of the Feroz Awards gala, the president of the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain, María Guerra, did allude to the accusations in her speech in which she warned that abuses “are not only in the cinema” but they are in “society.”

María Guerra recalled the attack that the actress Jedet suffered at the party after the awards last year 2023, and reiterated that the association “is always with the victims.” In any case, she has celebrated the coincidence of the publication of the research on Vermouth with the celebration of the awards.

On the other hand, he has demanded “decent working conditions” and has reminded the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, present at the gala, to “not forget the press”, a sector that Guerra considers “expelling young people” .

During the collection of the latest award for ‘La Mesías’, Javier Calvo revealed that as a child he decided not to have emotions. “There was a cut and I decided not to feel things; I didn’t get emotional, I didn’t cry, I was incapable of feeling anything because of the humiliation, because of trying to pretend that what was happening to me wasn’t happening and movies and series and fiction made me to get me excited again,” said Javier Calvo when collecting the last award of the night.

Meanwhile, Estíbaliz Urresola, awarded for ‘20,000 species of bees’ in a nearly three-hour gala, thanked the families who have shared their “intimacy” for the award. “There are many bits of all of them in the film,” she pointed out, before demanding “a world in which they all fit.”

The Award for Best Comedy Film went to ‘Robot dreams’. “Thank you Feroz for not separating the categories and recognizing us as the best comedy and not animation,” praised Berger.

Best film direction went to J.A. Bayona for ‘The Snow Society’, who has praised that the film, which, as he has stated, has already been seen by more than 100 million people around the world and 400,000 have attended theaters in Spain, has been made in Spain and in Spanish. “I didn’t expect it, I don’t have anything prepared. I thank the survivors who let me tell their story, without them I wouldn’t be here. They gave me their life to tell, I hope I did it well,” he commented.

In the feature film category, the Feroz have awarded David Verdaguer for best leading actor for ‘Saben Aquell’; to Malena Alterio for her role in ‘Let Nobody Sleep,’ who thanked the organization for the good words towards the film because her mother was “very cocky.” “I thank you. It is an honor to be in this gymkhana with the nominees for best actress,” she celebrated.

Likewise, ‘La Dani’ has also been awarded, who received the award for Best Supporting Actor and who stressed that “she was not always proud of who she was” and considers that the award is a recognition of “all the ladybugs, all the lesbians, all the feathers, the transsexuals and the weird ones”. For her part, Patricia López received the Best Supporting Actress Award for ‘20,000 species of bees’.

Also in this category, the Best Film Script award was awarded to Sebastián Vasquez and Alejandro Rojas for ‘Upon Entry (La Arrival)’ and in collecting the award Vasquez called for “a ceasefire in Palestine”, while encouraged “welcoming with open arms people who need to spend a quiet night.”

In the case of series, Roger Casamajor was awarded best lead actor; for Best Leading Actress to Lola Dueñas; Albert Pla for Best Supporting Actor and Irene Balmes for Best Supporting Actress. All of them for their roles in ‘La Mesías’, which also won the award for best script.

Los Feroz have also awarded ‘Poquita fe’ as Best Comedy Series; to Alfonso de Villalonga for Best Original Music in ‘Robot dreams’, which also won the Feroz Award for Best Poster for the design by José Luis Ágreda; Best poster went to Harry Eaton from ‘The Snow Society’. He has also been awarded the Non-fiction Arrebato for ‘La singla’ by Paloma Zapata, and the Fiction Arrebato for ‘Sobre todo de noche’ by Víctor Iriarte.

During the red carpet, several actors and filmmakers from the industry did show their unanimous “support” for the alleged victims of Carlos Vermut, when asked by the media.

“It seems good to me that the door is opened to talk about it. We must not remain silent in the face of this. We must not remain silent out of fear,” the presenter and actor Berto Romero said this Friday.

In this regard, director Isabel Coixet, nominated for Best Director for ‘Un amor’, has assured that the audiovisual industry is going through a good time because “it looks at things squarely” and regrets that “now many people will wonder why the victims They didn’t leave.

“No one wants to have the victim status because it’s bullshit. The moment a person opens their mouth to say that you are a victim, you become them and you are doubly vulnerable. You have to give a lot of explanations and nobody wants that,” has manifested.

The Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, also attended the gala, showing his “support” for the three victims and has assured that the department he heads will work to achieve a “safe culture”, after the accusations of sexual violence against Carlos Vermouth. “We must always put testimonies at the center and accompany them in all the decisions they want to make,” he stated.

The second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, also attended the meeting. She expressed her solidarity with the victims and stressed that “Spain is fed up with sexist violence.” “This country is much better than all this,” said Díaz.

The actress Maria Botto has pointed out the importance of the “

In this sense, producer María Zamora has thanked the victims for “raising their voices” and trusts that this will help “others feel encouraged to speak out.” “We must be aware of small patterns that exist in our society and also in our industry that are very evident,” she claimed.

Los Feroz have awarded the Honor Award to the actress Mónica Randall, who has collected the award, acknowledging that “she is a little embarrassed” to be on the same stage as Pedro Almodóvar was last year and commenting that at “her age” is “particularly sensitive.”

Furthermore, Randall was grateful that the jury “retained her in their memory” even if it was only “for a moment” and they believed that “she deserves it”, because this is a moment in which she “looks back and does balance of how he has led his life.