A total of 1,767,909 young people residing in Spain will be able to exercise their right to vote this Sunday for the first time in municipal elections, having turned 18 since the previous call of this type that took place on May 26, 2019.

Of these, 197,610 voters were already able to make their debut in national elections in the general elections of November of that year 2019, according to data from the Electoral Census consulted by Europa Press.

For the municipal elections this Sunday, a total of 35,115,893 people residing in national territory have been summoned (residents abroad cannot participate in local elections).

The majority of the electorate called to the polls are women. Specifically, the census of these elections is made up of 18,132,696 women by 16,983,197 men, 51.63% compared to 48.36%.

Women of voting age are the majority in all the autonomous communities and the distribution is only reversed in the autonomous cities of Ceuta (29,762 women to 30,546 men) and Melilla (27,038 women to 28,071 men).

By age, there are more men with the right to vote between the ages of 18 and 49, but women voters are already more than 50, the number of which grows as age advances. Thus, in the range from half a century to 54 there are 1,392 more female voters than male voters, but from 85 onwards the women with the right to vote (1,097,796) almost double the men (563,563).