The Ukrainian authorities in Kharkiv have announced this Sunday that more than 4,000 people have abandoned their homes in several towns in the region in the face of the new offensive launched by Russian forces, which have left two dead in recent hours in attacks against almost thirty populations.

The Ukrainian governor, Oleg Sinegubov, has announced on his Telegram account that 4,073 people have been evacuated since Friday, the majority in the towns of Chuhuiv and in the vicinity of the capital Kharkiv, although the 1.3 million residents of this city is not yet under threat of displacement.

However, the city’s mayor, Igor Terejov, confirmed late Saturday in a brief message on his Telegram account that the city had been the scene of Russian attacks, without giving details of victims or material damage.

Sinegubov has confirmed attacks in the last few hours in 27 towns. The authorities have confirmed that one of the deceased has died in a bombing over Hlyboke, although right now the town of Vovschank is becoming one of the main conflict points in the area. Two people have died there, a 73-year-old woman and another 38-year-old man, less than 24 hours after the town was the scene, according to the governor, of “massive bombings.”

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, acknowledged this past Saturday that the situation in Kharkiv has become “extremely difficult.” The president confirmed intense fighting near the towns of Strilecha, Krasne, Morokhovets, Oliinikove, Lukiantsi, Hatishche and Pletenivka.