“Let’s hope it is the last day of many exiles”


The former president of the Generalitat and Junts candidate for the Catalan elections, Carles Puigdemont, defended this Sunday the right to vote, which he has not been able to exercise since 2017, and has hoped that these will be the last elections that he and other pro-independence leaders pass. abroad.

Puigdemont made statements to journalists this Sunday morning from the castle of La Roca d’Albera, in Laroque-des-Albères (France), “where you can see this mythical mountain of Canigó but you can also see the Mediterranean.”

He has stated that the right to vote is not a right because it is in the Constitution but because the voter is a citizen: “Rights are not guaranteed just because they are written in a law, but because they are practiced.”

He has also said that today is an important day to vote in Catalonia, and has responded to whether he has not been able to do so: “Since December 17, I have not been able to vote.”

When asked about his return from abroad, he responded that he hopes these will be his last elections abroad: “We hope it will be the last day of many exiles.”

“It is time to return home and I am convinced that it will be like this because the amnesty law provides for it,” he added.

He has also shown his support for train users due to the “chaos” of the Rodalies service this Sunday morning, which is widely affected by a copper theft, and has recalled that the train can be a means of transport of citizens to go to vote.

Regarding whether he is nervous in these elections, he answered that he is calm before the election day after a campaign that he has described as very meritorious due to the work of Junts.