The president was shot four times in the abdomen, one of them very serious, according to the Government

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, has been stabilized in recent hours but his state of health remains “serious” due to the injuries suffered in Wednesday’s attack, according to the latest medical report released this Saturday by the authorities.

The Slovak Minister of Health, Zuzana Dolinkov√°, explained that the operation that Fico underwent yesterday to remove the necrotic tissue from his abdomen, caused by the shots fired by his attacker, Juraj Cintula, has contributed to improving his state of health. .

The Slovak Prime Minister is now conscious, added the Deputy Prime Minister, Robert Kalinak, in the joint press conference reported by the Ta3 network.

Kalinak added that, thanks to the work of doctors, Fico is approaching a positive prognosis although he is not out of danger yet. What’s more, his delicate state of health will not allow him to be transferred on Monday, as originally planned, to a hospital in the capital, Bratislava.

Instead, he will remain admitted for the next few days to the medical center in the town of Bansk√° Bystrica, the scene of the shooting.

The deputy prime minister has reported that, at this time, the medical team treating Fico does not plan a new surgical operation and that the prime minister, “conscious within the limits allowed by his condition”, has given him permission to serve as acting head of the Executive “always following his Government program.”

In a subsequent interview with Slovak television Ta3, the deputy prime minister explained that Fico was shot four times in the abdomen. “Two of them caused minor injuries and another caused a more serious injury. But the fourth bullet caused critical damage. It is a very serious injury,” he added.

Despite the good hopes, Kalinak has warned that “we are reaching a stage in which the body has already exhausted the reserves of its defense mechanisms and that is why it is inevitable to manage the subsequent complications that accompany gunshot wounds, and that they are inevitable.”

“We still have hours left to overcome the most critical moment,” added the minister.

Meanwhile, the Specialized Criminal Court of Slovakia has this Saturday ordered preventive detention for Juraj Cintula, the 71-year-old man who shot the prime minister on Wednesday.

The order, which can still be appealed, has been issued by the court on the suspicion that Cintula is a defendant at risk of flight and, in the court’s opinion, would intend to continue committing criminal acts.

Cintula, who has acknowledged himself as the perpetrator of the shooting but has assured that he had no intention of killing the prime minister, has been charged with attempted premeditated murder for reasons of revenge and faces a sentence of between 25 years and life in prison. in prison.