PSOE and Sumar held the first meeting of the monitoring commission of the government coalition pact this Thursday at 12:30, as reported by both groups.

The minority partner of the coalition had been demanding this meeting since last February and the leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, once again insisted that it should be called “immediately” to review the functioning of the coalition, evaluate compliance with the objectives and coordinate the action of the two partners of the Executive.

Díaz also pointed out that he wants to speak during the month of June with the majority partner of the coalition about the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2025, after he renounced this year’s accounts without consulting with Sumar, leaving some measures void. such as the increase in the spending ceiling, which was raised by 16,000 million euros to “improve” “inequality in Spain.”

This week from Sumar they explained that they were facing the meeting of the commission to monitor the coalition agreement with the PSOE with the idea of ​​relaunching the work of the Executive. On the one hand, accelerating the social agenda and also proposing the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary and the repeal of the Citizen Security Law, known by its detractors as the ‘Gag Law’.