“If the PSOE complies, we will comply, whatever happens in Catalonia,” he explained.

The Junts candidate for the Parliamentary elections, Carles Puigdemont, has already opened the first contacts with ERC and has announced his intention to present and defend in person his candidacy for the presidency of the Generalitat in the investiture debate.

At a press conference in Argelès-sur-Mer (France), he explained that the first contacts with the Republicans have begun, without specifying what their response was, but he added that they are still “far from establishing a negotiating framework, if there is one.” possibilities of doing so.

“We believe that there are options to be able to go to the investiture,” stressed Puigdemont, who has ruled out a ‘sociovergence’ and a tripartite, and has asked to avoid the scenario of an electoral repetition.

In his opinion, he potentially has more options to be invested in the second round than the head of the PSC list, Salvador Illa, taking into account that, based on his calculations, the socialist Government would rest on a sum of 48 deputies – 42 of the PSC and 6 of Comuns– compared to a range of 55 to 59 seats for the independentists.

“Illa can obtain the votes of the PP, as he did in the Barcelona City Council, to be elected with a simple majority, but if I understand correctly, Vox should abstain. We would have to ask him if the agreement not to accept the votes by action or omission of the extreme right is still valid,” he noted.

“We can gather a coherent majority, not an absolute one, larger than what the socialist candidate can achieve,” said Puigdemont, who has asked to rebuild bridges with the Republicans and added that he has not spoken with Illa because he does not have her telephone number. , despite having publicly congratulated him on Sunday.

Regarding what incentives the PSC may have to abstain and facilitate its investiture in Parliament, he has invited the socialists to ask this question, and has taken the opportunity to send the message that the stability of the PSOE Government in Madrid is “guaranteed if it meets certain agreements”.


Taking as a basis what was agreed in the ‘Brussels Agreement’, he asked if what they are negotiating with the PSOE will be boycotted – literally – by the PSC in the Parliament: “I already said that if the PSC embraced the PP, as it has done Barcelona City Council, that would obviously make the agreement we have with the PSOE in Madrid meaningless.”

“If I can’t imagine the PSC boycotting the agreements we reached with the PSOE in Switzerland, I can even less imagine a PSC having to implement agreements with the parliamentary support of the PP,” he maintained.

When asked if Pedro Sánchez’s legislature could be at risk, he stated that what puts the ‘Brussels Agreement’ at risk would be its non-compliance: “If the PSOE complies, we will comply, no matter what happens in Catalonia. If the PSOE complies with these two principles, working and obtaining results in the month of Switzerland, and not doing anything incoherent in commitment to what we have advanced, that is, a pact with the PP in Catalonia, there is no problem.”


“We will not threaten Pedro Sánchez that the investiture will end if there is a left-wing tripartite in Catalonia. I have always said that if there is foul play, that it is incoherent with the colossal efforts that we are making to negotiate with the Spanish side in the Switzerland, the dirty game is to support itself actively with the PP and passively with Vox, it is evident that we cannot continue,” he highlighted.

Despite everything, the Junts candidate has denied that his possible investiture is part of the dialogue table with the PSOE in Switzerland.