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Madrid, May 9

SpotClean Hydrosteam™ Pro arrives on the market, the new BISSELL stain-removing vacuum cleaner with HydroSteam™ steam technology that easily and quickly removes the most complicated stains. SpotClean Hydrosteam™ Pro is the perfect ally for removing stains of any kind on a daily basis, from food and mud stains, liquids, or sweat embedded in the mattress, to dirt and dust or pet hair and odors.

SpotClean Hydrosteam™ Pro, developed by BISSELL, is a new stain-removing vacuum cleaner that incorporates HydroSteam™ technology with steam, which cleans stains and liquids easier and 50% faster. The BISSELL family business, founded in 1876, has been providing cleaning solutions for five generations. It has a wide range of stain-removing vacuum cleaners with different characteristics and sizes with the intention that each home can choose the one that best suits its needs, including models specifically designed for homes with pets that incorporate anti-tangle brushes. The new vacuum cleaner steam, SpotClean Hydrosteam™ Pro, is the perfect ally for removing stains of any type on a daily basis. It has three cleaning modes, two removable tanks and several accessories that remove the most difficult and embedded stains on multiple surfaces. Get rid of food and mud stains, spilled liquids or sweat embedded in the mattress, even dirt and dust or pet hair and odors. In addition, it incorporates HydroSteam™ technology, a new function that completely transforms the cleaning routine, achieving better, longer-lasting results over time thanks to steam. The main features of the SpotClean HydroSteam™ Pro are: • Power: 1000 W. Greater capacity suction.•  Three cleaning modes: with steam, with water, with steam and water.•  Five accessories included: three nozzles of various sizes, wheels and a sample BISSELL detergent.•  Cleaning of different surfaces: carpets, upholstery, interiors car, sofas, tiles, and much more. Among the advantages of this innovative stain remover vacuum cleaner are: its powerful suction power, which removes even the most complicated and sticky stains with ease; Its compact and versatile design, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, providing comfort and effectiveness; Its variety of accessories included and, as a novelty, it includes wheels, thus improving maneuverability. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily stored in a closet, whether you live in an apartment with less space or in a large house. Furthermore, it has three cleaning modes: SteamWash™ Max mode (with steam and water) or steam mode, perfect for cleaning large, sticky or deeply embedded stains; Steam mode to refresh upholstery or clean tiles, hard floors, sneakers, the sink, etc. and, finally, the water mode for everyday stains or stains caused by pets. Thanks to its advanced system and the integrated heater, the water vapor combined with the BISSELL detergent penetrate deeply into carpets and upholstery, as well as other fabrics and hard floor or tile surfaces. Plus, its smart temperature sensor ensures precise heat control, protecting delicate surfaces while giving you a more powerful and effective clean. With SpotClean HydroSteam Pro, the cleaning experience is elevated. Designed to achieve the best results quickly and easily. It is the perfect option to remove stains from different surfaces and obtain a professional finish with impeccable, more effective and long-lasting results.

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