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Marbella is establishing itself as a key destination for sports tourism that promotes sustainability and inclusion. Today, the Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca Sports Club (CDUTSB), a non-profit entity distinguished for its firm commitment to respect for the environment and social inclusion, celebrates notable achievements in its mission to turn Marbella into an epicenter of tourism active and conscious sporty

Empowering communities through sport and natureMarbella, May 20, 2024.- The Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca Sports Club (CDUTSB) has led the organization of sporting and recreational events that deeply respect the natural environment. This club is distinguished by its strong commitment to inclusivity, offering meaningful opportunities to individuals and children with diverse abilities, highlighting the beneficial impact of outdoor sport on general health and well-being. To ensure maximum safety, CDUTSB implements exceptional protocols in all your events, including medical support, ambulances, firefighters, civil protection, police, drones and advanced tracking and rescue tools. These measures guarantee a safe environment for participants of all ages and levels, allowing each event to take place without incident.Innovation and future horizons in sport This year, CDUTSB inaugurates a new headquarters in Marbella, a center specialized in adapted wheelchairs for mountain competitions. This innovative project, supported by members, supporters, the Marbella City Council and a donation from the Quirón Hospital, includes workshops to train clubs and individuals in the use of these chairs, promoting inclusion and autonomy in outdoor sports. club plans to expand its range of wheelchairs, introducing various models to facilitate more active participation in competitions and hiking. This approach improves opportunities for people with reduced mobility and reinforces the club’s commitment to accessibility and inclusion in all facets of outdoor sport. CDUTSB also plans to expand its offering of inclusive events in collaboration with mountain federations in Andalusia and Spain , and attract world championships to Marbella. Known for its natural beauty, Marbella stands out for its capacity to host more than 150 sporting events annually, which positions it as an ideal setting for international competitions. This strategy underlines the club’s commitment to sustainable development and adherence to ESG principles, promoting responsible and global sports tourism.Join Inclusion CDUTSB extends a cordial invitation to the community, as well as future collaborators, sponsors and representatives of the media, to support and promote their initiatives. By participating with the club, you contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable and active world. For more information or to collaborate, visit the website or send an email.About CDUTSB CDUTSB is a non-profit entity dedicated to promoting sports and recreational activities that respect the environment and promote social inclusion. Through a variety of events and initiatives, its members and volunteers work tirelessly to improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities, setting a standard of excellence in sustainability and inclusion in sports.

Contact Contact name: Francisco Viegas Garcia Contact description: CD Ultra Trail Sierra Blanca / Presidente Contact phone: 644047788