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MUMBAI, India, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tata Communications, the global communications technology player, today launched Tata Communications CloudLyte, a fully automated edge computing platform, designed to empower future-ready enterprises to thrive in a data-driven world.

As businesses become hyperconnected and emerging technologies like 5G and IoT gain more and more traction, the need for real-time data processing, low-latency applications, and intelligent decision-making is vital. Tata Communications CloudLyte is at the forefront of edge computing and skillfully meets the needs of global enterprises through its infrastructure-agnostic, cloud and multi-access architecture.

Through its unique ‘solution in a box’ approach, Tata Communications CloudLyte provides enterprises with the platform, infrastructure, network, managed services and use case, as a comprehensive unified offering. The ‘solution in a box’ enables businesses to quickly deploy (within minutes) and effortlessly scale as needed, future-proofing investments.

With real-time inference and auto-scaling, the platform seamlessly extends cloud capabilities to the edge, delivering the agility and flexibility of the cloud. Tata Communications CloudLyte also manages edge resources centrally for a seamless experience and has built-in security with features like zero-trust architecture and layered defenses, simplifying business operations, maximizing efficiency and driving business growth.

Neelakantan Venkataraman, Vice President and Global Head – Cloud and Edge Business, Tata Communications, said, “In a hyper-connected world, businesses are increasingly dependent on resilient, efficient and secure edge computing capabilities. These are essential to manage the immense volumes of generated raw data and process it quickly and efficiently to enable rapid decision-making and drive accelerated business transformation By taking the cloud experience to the edge, Tata Communications CloudLyte enables global enterprises to harness the full potential of the cloud. through a well-integrated cloud fabric. With Tata Communications CloudLyte, we are not just building the future, we are redefining it. From AI-powered predictive maintenance to retail analytics, the potential is limitless.”

Kerem Arsal, Principal Senior Analyst, Omdia, commented, “Tata Communications CloudLyte fills a significant gap in the edge market with its infrastructure- and cloud-agnostic computing approach and its ability to support a wide range of access networks for connectivity. , such as SD-WAN, private 5G and Wi-Fi. Cutting across IT and OT silos, it effectively unifies the management, provisioning and orchestration of resources and applications in multi-cloud environments. customers the flexibility to design their own solutions based on their existing configurations and desired outcomes. As an elegant, holistic platform that merges connectivity and computing, Tata Communications CloudLyte significantly reduces the complexity of edge deployments for many innovative use cases. “

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About Tata Communications

As part of the Tata Group, Tata Communications (NSE: TATACOMM; BSE: 500483) is a global digital ecosystem enabler powering today’s fast-growing digital economy in over 190 countries and territories. Leading with confidence, it enables the digital transformation of businesses around the world with collaboration and connection solutions, basic and next-generation connectivity, cloud hosting and security solutions and multimedia services. 300 of the Fortune 500 companies are its customers and the company connects businesses to 80% of the global cloud giants. For more information, visit www.tatacommunications.com.

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