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GARIZUR is a family business located in the town of Andújar (Jaén) that focuses its main activity on the distribution of food and beverage products from leading brands in the sector, offering a comprehensive logistics service that guarantees the safety and freshness of the products. from reception, transportation to final delivery

Jaén, May 8, 2024.- As a global distribution center, the company offers its clients both the storage of products at controlled temperatures to ensure their cold chain, as well as all logistics and distribution thanks to its large fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology in refrigeration and safety, delivering daily to more than 400 clients who sell their products. With an accumulated history of more than 50 years of experience, the company has managed to position itself as one of the leading food distribution centers in the entire the community, providing service to more than 1,000 clients throughout Andalusia to whom it offers a wide catalog of products. To do this, it works with companies such as Danone, the Unilever group, Pepsico or García Carrión among others, which cover all the needs of its clients. Today, GARIZUR is managed by its third family generation who, despite the passage of time, maintains intact the same philosophy of a close, honest and committed family business that has been its hallmarks since its inception. GARIZUR, S.L. collaborates with CEDEC, Strategic Organization Consulting in management, direction and organization of family businesses and SMEs. The company’s objective was to promote the company to achieve leadership in the sector within its area of ​​influence. CEDEC’s intervention has focused on professionalizing organizational aspects of the company to advance with solid foundations, strengthen its growth and reach the highest levels of Business Excellence, without forgetting that the business family had to enjoy the entire business management process. In its work, CEDEC makes available to companies the most efficient organizational systems with the aim of strengthening their business results and working towards the achievement of Business Excellence. Thanks to its proven methodology, it works with and for entrepreneurs with the aim of effectively implementing, in companies of any size, professional and updated management through the application of its own techniques and work systems. Established in Spain since 1971, CEDEC has participated in projects of more than 46,000 companies, more than 13,000 in Spain, employing a staff of more than 300 highly qualified professionals in all its offices, 150 of which are in Spain. CEDEC is a member of the AEC, Spanish Association of Consulting Companies. With offices in Spain in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​CEDEC Strategic Organization Consulting for family businesses and SMEs is present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. The work of CEDEC as a specialist consultancy in strategic business organization, is reflected in the opinions of CEDEC and success stories offered by clients in a selfless manner and which can be consulted on the different websites of the countries where the company is established https:// www.cedec-group.com/es/opiniones, with customer comments on its YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg86SZf…

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