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With this acquisition, Via continues to advance its vision of creating the operating system for all aspects of public mobility.

NEW YORK, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Via, a global leader in the TransitTech industry, today announced the acquisition of Citymapper, the UK’s leading public transport and journey planning application. Following Via’s recent funding round, the acquisition of Citymapper accelerates Via’s vision to create an end-to-end digital infrastructure for public transportation systems. In addition to Via’s software, which enables cities and public transport agencies to effectively plan and operate their networks, Citymapper enables public transport users to navigate the urban transport network through beautifully designed and intuitive applications. By integrating Citymapper into its platform, Via will be able to connect all the elements of a public transport system, providing a unified solution for cities, public transport agencies and users.

Founded in 2012, Citymapper is a leading app, adopted by a loyal user base around the world. More than 50 million users in more than 100 cities have used Citymapper to plan their trips around the city, using a combination of public transport, walking, cycling, scooters, taxis and other options available in the city. Users can plan a trip based on various criteria (such as public transport mode, arrival time, travel time, cost, etc.) that matter most to them, and the Citymapper app helps them select the best option. and to follow the directions to reach your destination in real time. Citymapper’s powerful technology and algorithms, which integrate real-time transportation data and take into account important information about disruptions and delays, enable an exceptional trip planning experience with accurate and relevant recommendations.

The Citymapper solution will integrate with Via’s TransitTech software platform. Cities and transportation agencies will have access to Via’s platform, which will enable them to build responsive and resilient public transportation networks tailored to their rapidly changing needs, operate intelligent multimodal transportation systems, and use data to continually improve performance, while at the same time offering an optimized user experience through Citymapper. Following the acquisition, the Citymapper app will continue to be available to its user base around the world, and Via plans to expand Citymapper’s global reach.

“We have the utmost respect for the world-class technology and user experience that Azmat and his team have developed,” said Daniel Ramot, Co-Founder and CEO of Via. “By bringing our teams together, we have the unique opportunity to deploy Citymapper technology to cities and transit agencies around the world to create the most intuitive and relevant transit experience for their communities.”

“The Citymapper team has spent a decade developing one of the most important technologies for urban mobility, with a mission to make cities easier to navigate and urban transportation more efficient, sustainable and accessible,” said Azmat Yusuf, Founder and Citymapper CEO. “We share this vision with Via, and through this acquisition, we can bring Citymapper to a broader audience, make our technology available to cities and transportation agencies around the world, and amplify the positive impact in the communities we serve. we serve.”

Via’s acquisition of Citymapper follows its successful acquisitions of Remix in 2021 and Fleetonomy in 2020. These acquisitions come at a time of great momentum in the TransitTech sector, where technology and innovation pave the way for a new generation of intelligent and flexible transport solutions.

About Via: Founded in 2012, Via has pioneered TransitTech technology. Via develops new technologies to manage public mobility systems and optimize dynamic shuttle networks, buses, accessible vehicles, school buses, and autonomous and electric vehicles around the world. Via works to develop the world’s most efficient, equitable and sustainable public transportation network for all users, including those with mobility issues or without smartphones, and for people without bank accounts. The company works with its partners to reduce the cost of public transportation and provide accessible public transportation options that can be a valid alternative to discourage personal vehicle use while reducing environmental impact. Via sits at the intersection of transportation and technology. The company is a visionary leader in the TransitTech market, combining software innovation, sophisticated service design, and operational expertise to dramatically improve mobility. Via already has more than 600 partners in more than 35 countries.

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