Spain has reached a record in April in the export of natural gas by pipeline to France. Through its two interconnections, Irún in the Basque Country and Larrau in Navarra, a flow of 6.52 TWh was registered last month, as reported by Enagás in a press release on Monday.

This record, which exceeds the flow registered in May of last year, of 5.9 TWh, highlights the “crucial role” played by the Spanish gas system in the security of European energy supply.

The technical manager of the Spanish gas system has explained that the strike in France has caused “a decrease in local gas production, which has led to a greater dependence on imports to satisfy its national demand.”

For this reason, Enagás has stressed that the Spanish gas system has demonstrated its capacity to help guarantee security of supply to France, providing a constant and stable flow of natural gas.

This “historical record” in the export of natural gas to France “not only highlights the robustness of the Spanish Gas System in the European environment”, but also underlines “the relevance of having solid and efficient infrastructures that allow cross-border energy cooperation”. , underlined Enagás.