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Respiratory patients, through Fenaer, demand that the prescription of inhaled pharmacological treatments for asthma and COPD be carried out solely based on clinical criteria and taking into account the individual needs and preferences of each affected person.

Madrid, May 16, 2024.- This is stated by the Federation in a position agreed upon with all associations of asthma and COPD patients, given the succession of proposals both legislative and from some collegiate organizations aimed at limiting the prescription of pressurized inhalers (pMDI) in favor of dry powder (DPI) for environmental reasons. For patients, these initiatives put at risk their possibility of access to all types of inhaled therapy available, a right that they ask health administrations to guarantee without restrictions and always prioritizing your health over environmental criteria. That is, precisely, the main demand included in Fenaer’s position on the right of access to all available therapies, in which they also request public administrations to avoid adopting measures that limit the choice of the most appropriate device for each patient. As a representative of a group especially affected by the quality of the environment, Fenaer is firmly positioned in favor of measures aimed at its protection, but defends that these measures cannot have negative consequences for people’s health as a counterpart.Only 0 .09% of emissions Fenaer supports its positioning on the objective and irrefutable data that the total value of CO2-eq/year due to the use of pressurized devices represents only 0.09% of total emissions in Spain; that currently the majority of pMDI prescriptions are rescue treatments; and that chronic treatments in PMDI represent only 30% of the total and correspond mostly to people with any kind of disability to correctly use dry powder inhalers. Fenaer also recalls that the prioritization of clinical criteria over environmental criteria is defended by the main scientific societies and patient organizations in Europe, such as the ERS (European Respiratory Society) and the EFA (European Federation of Allergy and Airways DiseasesPatient’s Associations) and that the European Regulation in force for the reduction of emissions includes special safeguards for gases for pharmaceutical use. Pharmacological innovation In the face of proposals that implicitly stigmatize respiratory patients for needing or preferring a certain type of inhaler, Fenaer is committed to recognizing, supporting and encouraging pharmacological innovation to develop sustainable pressurized inhaler solutions. However, until these new alternatives are available, respiratory patients defend the coexistence of pressurized and dry powder inhalers and the prescription of one or the other, based strictly on clinical criteria. Issuer: Fenaer

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