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Morgana Properties promotes urban regeneration in Madrid with a focus on sustainability and affordability

Madrid, May 16, 2024.- Morgana Properties, a pioneer company in the purchase of commercial premises for their change of use to housing in Madrid, foresees a growth in turnover of 80% in 2024, carrying out an ambitious project of urban regeneration transforming disused commercial premises, located in secondary and tertiary areas of Madrid, into modern, highly energy efficient homes. Currently, there is a large unmet demand for housing in the districts of Tetuán, Fuencarral and Ciudad Lineal. The business activity carried out by Morgana Properties not only seeks to expand the supply of affordable housing in Madrid, but also contribute to revitalizing its neighborhoods, converting previously closed and deteriorated spaces into vibrant and livable areas. The Morgana Properties initiative responds to a critical need for affordable homes, both for purchase and rental in Madrid, one of the European capitals with the highest residential demand. “We are committed to the development of housing that is not only affordable, but also sustainable, thus improving the quality of life of citizens and the urban fabric of Madrid,” comments Dunia Sánchez, CEO of Morgana Properties. The company’s strategy includes the implementation of the latest technologies in energy efficiency, ensuring that each new home minimizes its environmental impact while offering comfort and modern design. This approach not only contributes to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but also helps reduce energy costs for residents. In addition to their environmental and economic benefits, their homes are designed to inject new life into the most sought-after areas of Madrid , fostering more dynamic and cohesive communities. “Transforming these old and wasted spaces into modern and attractive homes has a multiplier effect, revitalizing the entire neighborhood,” adds Dunia Sánchez. Issuer: Morgana Properties

Contact Contact name: Dunia Sánchez Contact description: Morgana Properties SL/ CEO Contact phone: 916508139