The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, remains in serious condition due to the attack of which he was a victim last Wednesday, but doctors understand that he is now out of danger.

According to a statement from the Roosevelt hospital that treats the president, Fico is already beginning a “long recovery process” and will continue under strict surveillance for the next few hours, reports Slovak television Ta3.

“We firmly believe that everything is going in the right direction but, once again, we have to emphasize that the prime minister’s state of health remains serious,” the doctors indicated.

The country’s deputy prime minister and acting head of government, Robert Kalinak, celebrated the latest medical report in an immediately subsequent appearance before the media.

“If yesterday we said that we wanted to get closer to a positive forecast, today I can say that we are one step closer,” he indicated in comments collected by the Slovak newspaper ‘Sme’.

Fico was shot four times in the abdomen on Wednesday by an individual identified as Juraj Cintula, 71, who has been in preventive detention since last Saturday.

Cintula, who appeared in court yesterday, has acknowledged that he opened fire on the prime minister but has assured that he had no intention of ending his life.