The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has attacked this Sunday against the PP, which he has described as a “cowardly right-wing and scammer”, for not collaborating in “kicking and running away with caps” to the PSOE, which, according to what he has denounced, , “they beg for any pact.”

This is how Abascal expressed himself at the closing of the Europa Viva 24 convention, held this weekend at the Vistalegre Palace and which brought together relevant figures from the Vox political space, such as Javier Milei, Giorgia Meloni, Viktor Orban, Marinne Le Pen or Mateusz Morawiecki, among others.

“How is it possible that we haven’t kicked them out or kicked them out?” the Vox leader asked himself, before making a joke of his statements about “hanging the president, Pedro S├ínchez, by his feet,” which made a half Argentinian. “Because there is a cowardly and swindling right wing that one day demonstrates against this Government and the next day is begging for any agreement,” he added.

Some 10,800 people, according to data provided by Vox, filled the Vistalegre Palace this Sunday to celebrate the central event of the Europa Viva 24 political convention, in which the highlight was the interventions of the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, and by Santiago Abascal.

Vox has reported that 3,700 people came to Vistalegre on Friday, at the start of the convention, while 14,400 did so on Saturday, on a day in which panels and debate tables were held.

Santiago Abascal’s party has conceived Europa Viva 24 as a political event to kick off the pre-campaign for the June 9 elections. His program will be based on the defense of the sovereignty of European nations, the rights of workers in the primary sector and the protection of borders, among other aspects.