The price of the banks has stopped for a few minutes due to the high sales volumes


Banking fell between 7% and 10% after the first stages of trading on Monday and dragged the Ibex 35 down 4% after the SVB Financial bank was intervened on Friday by the United States Government after a significant flight of deposits.

In fact, this Monday HSBC Holdings has announced that its UK subsidiary, HSBC UK Bank, will acquire Silicon Valley Bank UK Limited (SVB UK) for one pound sterling (1.13 euros).

Thus, Banco Sabadell fell 9.75%; Santander, 7.85%; Bankinter, 7.16%; CaixaBank, 7.14%; BBVA, 7.06%; and Unicaja Banco, 6.91% at 10:35 a.m.

The sales volumes have been so high that the values ​​have entered a volatility auction, for which reason the price has been paralyzed for several minutes, as BME sources have explained to Europa Press.

Faced with this pressure, the Ibex 35 lost around 3.71%, which led it to fall to 8,943.1 integers and with all its values ​​in ‘negative’.