Ferrovial, Salesforce and the technology consultancy NTT DATA have announced a strategic collaboration to develop the next generation of sustainable solutions for the infrastructure market, as reported by the companies.

In this way, the three companies expand the collaboration they have maintained in recent years to work together on digital transformation projects. The agreement will be reinforced with the Center of Excellence (CoE) in Spain recently announced by NTT DATA, from which innovative solutions for international application will be designed and which will serve as a platform for the subsequent commercialization of the solutions developed in the CoE, as well as of the infrastructure asset management solution developed by Ferrovial.

The initial objective is the transformation of linear infrastructure management processes, such as roads, railways and electrical distribution networks. In addition, and taking advantage of this collaboration and the current implementations of Salesforce at Ferrovial, the partners will explore the value of the Salesforce 360┬║ platform in other areas of infrastructure management, such as airports.

Ferrovial is working on the complete digitalization of its assets throughout their entire life cycle. To achieve this, the collaboration with Salesforce and NTT DATA will integrate data analytics, BIM, the Internet of Things and digital twins in the construction, operation and management of said infrastructures.

Likewise, Ferrovial, Salesforce and NTT DATA will work to support linear infrastructures, airports and energy infrastructures, providing flexibility both in the application of other technological advances, as well as in data models and workflows, reinforcing technological capabilities for management. digital infrastructure assets.

“The infrastructures of the future must provide clear value in improving the quality of life of citizens, promoting efficiency, innovation and sustainability,” explained Ferrovial’s general director of Systems and Innovation, Dimitris Bountolos.

The executive vice president and global sales COO of Salesforce, Arsenio Otero, highlighted that they are “proud” to “join the forces” of Salesforce “on this journey with Ferrovial, a global leader in infrastructure that develops and manages some of the most advanced assets.” of the world”.

Finally, the partner responsible for Industry and Services at NTT DATA, Alonso Fern├índez, has indicated that infrastructures are “backbones” that connect and make possible the economic development of the regions. “Through this alliance we combine capabilities, technology and vision of three leading companies that will allow us to solve present and future challenges,” he stressed.